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I completed VCE in 2013, achieving an ATAR of 93.1, with my highest score in VCE English. I received a study score of 46 in English, and at least an A average in all my other subjects. I also received the Global Politics Prize and an English Merit.

I completed my first year of International Studies at RMIT in 2013, with 3 Distinctions and 4 High Distinctions.

I took a year off to explore my passions, and will renew my studies at Monash University in 2016. I hope to major in Psychology, minor in Fine Arts and go on to complete a Masters in Art Therapy!!

I started tutoring VCE students in 2014. Since then I have taken a range of students, from mature aged students who are completing their VCE, to year 10 students who are looking for tutoring through to year 12. I've tutored in Australian History, Global Politics, Literature and Debating, but my love is English.

My students have noticed a significant improvement whilst under my tutelage. One student came to me after her last SAC scored a 3/10. Together we aimed to get her to 6/10 for her next; she received 7.5. This improvement occurred over 4 sessions.

My unique ability as a tutor is being able to teach students how to approach and answer a question; vital skills which are often missed in the classroom.

I have studied the new English Study Design (implemented in yr 11 next year, and yr 12 in 2017).

I work with a range of children as an In Home Educator, and hold a Police Check and Working With Children Check.

I love helping people and I love working with young people (the littlest ones I work with are 2!).
I also love all things artistic - I'm teaching myself piano, have tried all sorts of dancing, I love scrapbooking and have recently discovered animation and photography. I also love movies, but doesn't everyone!



2012 - 2013


My classes are tailor made for you, focusing on the areas in which you most need help. I prefer to meet you for an hour in the first session, to work out the areas in which you want and need help. I write my own material, do my own research and have a substantial archive of documents to provide you with. I promise I will know your texts. I focus on;

- HOW to answer a question

- HOW to approach an essay

- HOW to write an essay

- HOW to put all those elements in context together

- HOW to efficiently study

- HOW to do a close reading of language

- HOW to utilise language

- HOW to prepare for exams and SACs

I am proud of my students, and work hard to help them succeed.

I charge $30 an hour for tutoring in St Kilda, and $35 for travel.

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