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About Me

I am a freelance guitar tutor. I am well versed and learned of the basic, intermediate and professional level. I am well versed in acoustic, Rock, Classical, Blues, Jazz, and capable to teach all of them. I am self taught, so anyone struggling to understand, learn and play any of the above mentioned will get an understanding, communicating tutor from me. For teaching kids and children I can teach them jingles to play and make the teaching and learning experience entertaining to pertain the interest as music is a vast realm with musics for everyone's preferences.


Beginners- 6 months course to learn the basics as Basic Chords, 1-3-5 chord formation, Rhythm and song playing (30$ per hour)
Intermediate- 6 months, Scale learning, modes, scales, Basic soloing in Majors and Minors (40$ per hour)
Pro- Professional Soloing skills and techniques, Exploration of techniques used by renowned guitarists (45$ per hour)
Jazz and Blues- 6 months, Chord progression, composition, Soloing (As these genre are more or less improvisations, there will be influence of my own playing style, but the basics are standard ) (50$ per hour)

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