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Yellow Lantern Public Speaking Tuition Sydney, NSW 2000

  • Australia's favourite national public speaking program with an emphasis on positive self talk, empowered speech and celebrating personality

About Us

Yellow Lantern is a public speaking coaching service for children aged 8 - 18 years old. We have 10 facilitators situated around the country to help you:

- build speech confidence
- write easy great speeches, filled with personality
- empower your creative thinking & internal drive
- perform your best at speaking & debating competitions

At Yellow Lantern, we believe that all young people are natural speakers and that our role is to activate each ones gift to enable them to reach their full potential and give voice to their unique ideas.


Receiving 1 to 1 coaching from a qualified Yellow Lantern Facilitator is a powerful experience which will allow your child to take their new-found confidence to larger audiences.

Individual sessions start from $110 p/hr and small group (minimum 4 participants) start from $40 p/hr
Sessions can be held at a location of your choice, our facilitators will come to you.
We require you book in minimum blocks of three sessions.
Available in Sydney and Melbourne only.

Lesson Information

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