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Hi, my name is Christina! I graduated from Mount Carmel Catholic College in 2018 achieving an overall ATAR of 97.2.

Internally, I achieved first place in Visual Arts and History Extension, second place in English Extension 1 and Ancient History and third place in English Advanced. A following is the breakdown of my marks:

94 in Visual Arts
47/50 in History Extension
47/50 in English Extension 1
91 in Ancient History
96 in English Advanced

I am passionate about education, and as a tutor I aspire to ignite this same passion in others so that they too may reap the benefits of learning.

I am currently a second year university student undertaking a Bachelor of Brain and Cognitive Science with a major in English.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


Brain and Cognitive Science (Minor in English)

Macquarie University

2020 - 2023


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