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  • I have been speaking Spanish at an advanced level for ten years. I have lived and worked in Latin America for three years, and majored in Spanish at an advanced level at University.

About Me

Hello to Spanish students of all ages and levels!

My name is Neil, and I have been speaking Spanish at an advanced level for ten
years. I have lived and worked in Latin America for three years, and majored in
Spanish at an advanced level at university. I currently teach Spanish to adult
classes and I am the organiser and co-creator of 'Language Swap', an interest
group of over 500 Spanish and English bilingual students (local and international)
whose primary interest is cultural and linguistic exchange. I speak Spanish
probably as much as I do English during my day-to-day activities.

The above experiences have led me to speak the language to a native level, with a
couple of differences. Many native speakers offer tuition based on the fact that
they are from a Spanish-speaking country, yet while many native speakers appeal
to students based on the idea that their linguistic roots and 'authenticity' validate
their teaching abilities, ask yourself: how well do you understand the mechanics of
your own language? Would you expect all of your English-speaking friends or
relatives to know what a verb, an adjective, the subjunctive or the passive voice
is? Many native speakers who offer tuition do not understand the structure and
grammar of their mother tongues very well. On the other hand, as one who has
extensively studied the language, I can offer accurate and effective tuition with
regards to all facets of grammar and general speaking such as:

-Fluency of communication and pronunciation
-Ser and Estar (and other confusing verbs)
-Verb conjugation in indicative and subjunctive modes
-Direct and indirect object pronouns
-Verbs like 'gustar'
-Reflexive verbs
-Other grammar-related themes

Moreover, teaching is also a question of understanding the native language of the
one being taught (in this case usually English). My knowledge of English allows me
to understand the way that an English speaker thinks when learning Spanish, and
as a result, I am able to empathise with my students, understand their learning
processes better, as well as effectively translate phrases, expressions and
words from English to Spanish.

Finally, in a more general sense, teaching takes a certain level of skill and
communication, and is not related to linguistic descent. Will your tutor be able to
engage you and capture your interest? Will you be motivated by your tutor? I
would encourage you to take all of the above into account when seeking someone
who can effectively teach you Spanish.

I do not generally tutor in other areas. Spanish is my passion, and all of my efforts
have been poured into this skill over the years. I would love to hear from you soon.
Please contact me on this number any time. I work outside of regular business

*I live in the city area, and I am able to tutor at my place, or travel almost anywhere
to tutor in the place of your choice. If you live far from the city centre, we can
negotiate a small extra fee to cover costs of petrol.


Anthropology, Latin American Studies

La Trobe University

2006 - 2009

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  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: 0350629401)


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