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  • I believe that quality education relies on student engagement, a supportive learning environment and the opportunity to achieve realistic goals. Education is a holistic and as a teacher I aim to provide a diverse range of learning strategies to cater to the needs of each unique student.

About Me

Given the closure of schools and universities, should you be in need of one-to-one tutoring across a broad range of school/university subject areas please do not hesitate to contact me. I can offer face-to-face, remote or distance tutoring depending on your requirements and budget.

As a mature age student completing 4th year of a Bachelor of Humanities/Education I am available to assist learners in a variety of subject areas and learning stages from high school through to tertiary level.

I aim to provide high quality tuition by offering clear, relevant, and targeted instructions with a focus on the needs of the individual. By employing a diversity of learning strategies, in tandem with ongoing support, I strive to give students the best possible opportunities to achieve their learning goals.


Bachelors Education/Humanities

Australian Catholic Univeristy

2016 - 2020

(In Progress)

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: 0895949A-01, Expiry Date: 27/01/2022)


Drama Unit 1
Drama Unit 2
Drama Unit 3
Drama Unit 4
English Language Unit 1
English Language Unit 2
English Language Unit 3
English Language Unit 4
English Literature Unit 1
English Literature Unit 2
English Literature Unit 3
English Literature Unit 4
English Unit 1
English Unit 2
English Unit 3
English Unit 4
English: Foundation Unit 1
English: Foundation Unit 2
History: 20th Century History Unit 1
History: 20th Century History Unit 2
History: Rennaisance History Unit 1
History: Rennaisance History Unit 2
History: Revolutions Unit 1
History: Revolutions Unit 2
Religion and Society Unit 1
Religion and Society Unit 2
Religion and Society Unit 3
Religion and Society Unit 4
Theatre Studies Unit 1
Theatre Studies Unit 2
Theatre Studies Unit 3
Theatre Studies Unit 4
Vocational Education and Training (VET) Unit 1
Vocational Education and Training (VET) Unit 2
Vocational Education and Training (VET) Unit 3
Vocational Education and Training (VET) Unit 4

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