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  • Certificate IV Education Support Assistant passionate about helping people achieve their goals in life.

About Me

Why should I be your tutor, you wonder? Well, I'm glad you asked. I believe we all have the ability to achieve what we dream of when we are confident in ourselves and our abilities, which is why I want to help you. You have what it takes. Lets harness that.

Certificate IV in Education Support and Certificate III in Early Education and Childcare are my qualifications, paired with a love for people, more specifically children/students of a special background with unique needs.

I watched a young boy who couldn't put together a sentence or share his toys with others eventually grow to be overjoyed to share and could not stop talking.
I watched a student with ADHD re-engage in class after we took a break and threw a ball to each other. I watched this same student enjoy writing because of a special pencil grip I bought him.
I watched another student become excited to spell and write sentences, moving onto short essays because games were played and English became more enjoyable to her.

I want to meet your needs if you are willing to work with me. Lets grow and achieve your dreams and goals together.

Megan Hill


Certificate IV Education Support

Fast Track Training

2018 - 2020

Certificate III Early Education and Childcare

Kirana College

2017 - 2018


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