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Hi, my name is Rina.

I am a native English speaker with N1 proficiency in Japanese, certified by JLPT. I have lived and attended university in Japan for a year, studying Japanese language and culture while interning. Even now I am working as a part-time translator for a company in Kyoto. I am looking for a bit of extra work here in Sydney and am attracted to the flexibility of tutoring. I can accommodate meetups as well as lessons online through Skype or other services. I also have experience working closely with the syllabus to teach Japanese beginners, continuers, and extension Japanese for the HSC. I also have 2 years experience teaching English as a second language to primary and secondary students as well as adults.

Whether you want to improve your Japanese skills for employment reasons, brush up on the basics for travel, or learn the language from scratch out of interest, I am happy to help. I have tutored many students in the past and I always tailor the lessons to individual needs. I have also used many textbooks and can suggest some inexpensive alternatives for mastering the language. Please ask away any questions.

Most of you may not be interested in learning the 3 alphabets but just want to know how to speak and watch anime without subtitles, and this is completely doable. Conversation lessons will start off with simple self-introductions before eventually enabling you to express more complex thoughts such as your opinions of a movie/thoughts on current world events. Being able to communicate with people in their language is challenging, but such a rewarding skill to have so I hope you will consider this offer.

If you are interested, please feel free to shoot me a message. Looking forward to hearing from you all!


Double degree in International Studies majoring in Japan and Product Design

University of technology Sydney

2016 - 2021

(In Progress)

N1 certificate of highest proficiency in Japanese


2019 - 2019

Japanese Studies

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

2018 - 2019



10 Lessons with me and get 1 free!

If we decide to have weekly lessons, after every 10 lessons the 11th lesson is free of charge. This is a gift to loyal students who work hard on improving their language skills. I hope to hear from you all soon! :)

Promotion End On 05/05/2020


Two courses available with fees ranging from $35-$45per house
1. Speaking practice course - Intensive immersion, one hour of speaking only in Japanese. For beginners, I am happy to explain things in English but if you are intermediate and above the explanations for words and concepts you do not understand will be given in Japanese. This is great if you want to improve your listening and comprehension skills as well as have natural flowing conversations with Japanese people. The content will depend on what topic you want to talk about on the day and is $35 an hour.
2. Planned lessons catered to you with individualised homework - this is more for people who are studying Japanese academically (primary school, high school, or university) or for working purposes. This will include reading, writing, listening and speaking components as well as small quizzes which aren't worth anything but t show your progression in mastering the language. This lesson is more involved and is $45 per hour.

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