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About Me

Hi! My name is Lauren, I am an experienced tutor, and am currently studying a Bachelors of Law and Philosophy. I have tutored for 3 years now! I am twenty years old and finished year 12 in 2017. I’ve always been passionate about helping people with their studies because I thrive on seeing other people succeed and their hard work paying off! I myself am an extremely studious and organised person, who works hard in all that I do.

I admire and love the concept of people being able to stand up for their rights and hopefully achieve justice through our legal system, which is why Legal is my favourite subject to tutor however I also tutor VCE Health and Human, English and Literature, as well as many others in my subject description.

I believe I would be a good tutor because I am friendly, approachable, patient and someone who goes above and beyond for those I’m assisting.

Why choose ME?
Firstly and most importantly, I have experience. I have guided over 20 students from 2017 to achieve their best in Legal Studies, English and Health and Human Development and Literature with most of my students receiving 15-20 points higher study score than initially predicted.

Regardless of your skill level, I know exactly what you need to do to access the highest scores in VCE. Having collated a vast archive of high scoring essays, practice exams, SACs and my own notes, I will supply you with an abundance of resources to transform your grades and confidence to the next level.


I can tutor contracts and criminal law as well as any other first year law subjects

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