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About Me

*I currently run online classes via Zoom (COVID-19)*

Hey, I'm Ben! I'm a 3rd year Commerce/ Education (Secondary) student at the University of New South Wales. I have 3+ years of tutoring experience in preliminary and HSC Economics.

I have a big passion for all things Economics and avidly stay up-to-date with the latest financial news. What has originally been a passion and pastime of mine has now become what I studied thoroughly and taught meticulously. At University, I continue to learn more about Economics and expand my knowledge in the field. I'm all about nurturing a love for Economics and developing a deep understanding of the Subject. By helping you understand how unique concepts relate and teaching you content that extends far beyond the syllabus, I'm certain I can give you just that 'edge' over your peers (i.e. comparative advantage). Being the Director at TutConnect has helped me become a better leader, communicator, and problem-solver; and have seamlessly integrated into my teaching, allowing my students to learn more effectively and thus achieve better results.

With the overwhelming amount of new things currently happening in Australia and around the World due to unprecedented events, I want to help simplify and make it easy for you to understand the impacts and implications of it on our Economy. I've got a lot of dry humour, so be warned that you'll never get bored during our lessons! I'm providing the kind of tutoring that I myself would've thoroughly enjoyed resitting my own HSC. I want to see you succeed not only in the HSC but in all of your life aspirations!


I'm part of a close-knit team of talented tutors at TutConnect HSC; we also specialise in English Adv, Maths 2U/ 3U/ 4U, Physics and Chemistry!

As abundant and vast in our expertise we may be, we're really just a few like-minded individuals who are enthusiastic about teaching a field we thoroughly enjoy. You can think of us like a small, caring family. And, we'd like to keep it that way. We'd rather focus on delivering high quality tutoring each and every lesson to you than to pump out a high quantity of mediocre ones. Providing exceptional service is very important to us because we've made it our mission to make a positive impact and deliver a one-of-a-kind tutoring experience.

If what you're looking for is:
✓ a tutor who is with you every step of the way and keeps you on your toes
✓ reachable 24/7 and will answer your calls/ texts in the oddest of hours
✓ a lifelong friend and mentor
✓ a top scorer in the state with a wealth of knowledge and comprehensive resources

Then, we're so excited to have you be a part of our loving family and we can't wait to give you everything we've got!


I run personalised 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 classes in a dedicated teaching studio in Canley Heights or via Zoom (online).

If you'd like to just trial a class first (and at no cost to you) before we commit to a regular study plan, easily reach us through our contacts or the short enquiry form on TutConnect's website!

As part of our family, you'll have exclusive access to our study guides (on a range of topics) and subject cheat sheets, as well as exam papers and exemplar answers curated by the team here.

1-on-1 and 2-on-1 classes are priced differently, so reach us through our contacts or visit our website for a free, no-obligation consultation.

I'm super excited for you to be a part of our family and cause, because together we'll traverse the treacherous yet cathartic journey that is the HSC!


B Commerce/ Education (Secondary)


2017 - 2022

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC1554627E, Expiry Date: 14/02/2025)


Prelim and HSC Chemistry

Prelim and HSC Economics

Prelim and English Adv

Prelim and HSC Mathematics 2U/ 3U/ 4U

Prelim and HSC Physics

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