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About Me

Hi, my name is Kenneth and I am an experienced and highly capable STEM tutor. I have more than 5 years of experience tutoring primary and high school students privately and have worked as both a mentor and teacher for over 25 students at a professional tutoring center. I am proficient in explaining core concepts in STEM subjects to students, and I fully understand the importance of building a solid foundation in these subjects, as that is the key to fostering a continuum of success in the senior years of high school.

Currently, I'm tutoring over 15 students privately with highly tailored lessons, where teaching methods are individualised for each student depending on their levels of competence and needs. My teaching method includes using various ways to explain exam questions, highlighting efficient ways of approaching questions, and pointing out likely areas of error in light of exam preparation.

I’m also providing mentorship to my Science Extension (a newly added HSC science subject) students regarding their scientific research. With my experience in post-doctoral research on Nanoparticle Catalysis under the School of Chemical Engineering, I offer detailed reviews on research reports and constructive recommendations on further research developments based on individual projects.

To further my continued excellence and passion for STEM subjects during high school, I have recently finished an Honours degree in Bachelor of Engineering, specialised in Chemical Engineering at UNSW with DISTINCTION average.

Being one of my students, you will have access to exclusive learning resources including detailed notes, exam past papers, and full worked solutions. These resources will be able to assist you to excel in internal and external assessments throughout your academic career, along with my highly personalised lessons for you.


Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours)

University of New South Wales

2015 - 2020



??DISCOUNTS (Valid until 31st July 2020)??
- One on one lessons: $50/hr For first trial lesson (Usual rate $60/hr)
- Groups of 2-4 students: $40/hr per student

Promotion End On 31/07/2020


- Offer all levels of Mathematics tuition from K-12
- Up to date with NSW HSC syllabus
- Offer Standard, Mathematics, Ext 1 (3 Units) and Ext 2 (4 Units) lessons

- UNSW Honours Graduate (Chemical Engineering)
- Exclusive academic resources for the listed courses (Below)
- Provide mentorship with your research. Offer detailed reviews on research reports and constructive recommendations
- Assignment help. I have received above 90% for most of the assignments throughout my degree
- Exam prep. Provide guides and strategy to excel uni exams
- UNSW Course Available:
* ENGG1000
* MATH1131
* MATH1231
* CEIC2000
* CEIC2001
* CEIC3003
* CEIC3004
* CEIC4001

Living in Hong Kong for the first 16 years of my life, Cantonese has been my mother tongue. I can speak, write, and read Cantonese/Traditional Chinese fluently.

If you would like to explore this complicated yet amusing language, feel free to drop me a message or book in a lesson with me.

From the compulsory enforcement of Mandarin as a subject throughout my primary school and high school curriculum, I am fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Mandarin/Simplified Chinese.

Mandarin is an interesting language integrated with 5000 years of Chinese culture. As China's growth in economic power, Mandarin will soon be essential for business, tourism, and even daily interaction.

If you're interested in learning a new language, feel free to drop me a message or book in a lesson with me.

Not sure where to go after high school or uni? Feel free to drop me a message and book in a consultation session with me.

Life is a lot easier with guidance, and I am here for you. Right after I finished my HSC, I was a high school leaver with no direction to my future. But with extensive research on career opportunities, market and future prospects of specialities, I knew exactly what interests me and hence what I will choose to do.

How did I do that? Let me share my experience with you and guide you to a brighter future.

- Consultation session: $40/hr

To get a job of your dreams, your resume is your primary weapon in the competitive market of candidates. It is crucial to have an outstanding resume that catches the eyes of recruiters.

"How do I do that?" You may ask. Look no further because I can help you boost your resume quality.

I have received interviews and assessment centre invitations from companies including Deloitte, ANSTO, DXC, EY, Sydney Water, RB, AECOM - you name it.

Feel free to drop me a message or book in a consultation session with me. I will provide general/detailed feedback on your existing resume, or assist you with creating your first ever resume.

- Consultation session: $40/hr (Includes general feedback)
- Detailed resume feedback: $50/resume

Lesson Information

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  • One to One
  • In Group
  • Online
  • Lesson Language:
  • Mandarin , ESL , Cantonese
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Jordie (1 Jul 2020)
Kenneth is a great tutor who is currently assisting me throughout my HSC Mathematics General Course, he has helped me boost my grades in Maths by providing useful tips and tricks when tackling complicated equations and my marks in comparison to Year 11 have shown his teaching to be extremely effective. He is very patient and always eager to provide the quickest yet practical solution to any mathematical equation. Would 10/10 recommend!!
Keani Russell (11 Jun 2020)
Kenneth is insanely good at giving examples to you when you are stuck or need help on the question. He is very patient with you while you're working out and is extraordinarily kind. I appreciate him as my tutor and my math results have excelled greatly.