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  • Maths, Physics, Chemistry. Bilingual tutor.

About Me

I am a second year international student studying Materials Science and Engineering in UNSW. Achieved good grades in USFP program run by USYD in Biology, Mathematics and Physics. Equivalent to high school level of knowledge. Also good at university year one Mathematics, Physics. Have experiences in tutoring high school classmates back at my time in USFP, and tutoring university year one students. Don’t mind teaching primary students, but has a higher hourly rate of $35. Prefer face to face tutoring but online is okay. More available on weekends.


Materials Science and Engineering


2019 - 2020

(In Progress)

Biomedical Engineering


2018 - 2019


High marks achieved in USFP, equivalent to HSC level of Biology

Primary and high school level of mathematics is okay. But I have never taught primary school students before, so the hourly rate will be higher.

High school physics is fine.

Able to tutor high school and year 1 engineering chemistry. Achieved high marks in chemistry in USFP study. Score for my year 1 chemistry course is 81 out of 100.

I have learnt Mathematics back in my home country and my time in foundation program (USFP) study, with a good grade of around 9 out of 10. So is able to tutor high school students. Also, my grades for university year 1 and 2 Mathematics are also high, achieving an average of distinction.

Achieved a distinction in year one Physics

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  • Mandarin , IELTS
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