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About Me

In my engineering degree, I'm still studying maths and IT-related subjects.
My year 12 subject study scores related to tutoring (/50):
Specialist Mathematics- 39 (scaled t0 49)
Mathematical Methods - 35 (scaled to 40)
IT: Software Development - 47 (no scaling)

My unit scores for the respective units (/100):
STA1010 - 94
ENG1060 - 91
ENG2005 - 85
ECE2071 - 91
ENG1005 - 82
FIT1047 - 89

My teaching style is largely based on demonstration, such as going through examples and past tests, since most of my experience comes from online screen-sharing based tutoring, but I'm flexible in finding a way that works best for you. I've also come up with worked solution documents at times where lessons didn't work.

I'll be able to help with homework, improving skills, giving some practice questions, and also teaching new content ahead of class if desired.
Mostly I want to find a way that works best for you, and we can workshop things until we find something that works.

NOTE: Due to the current state of COVID-19, only online lessons are being offered.


Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

Monash University

2019 - 2023

(In Progress)

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: 1949659A-01, Expiry Date: 12/03/2025)


Specifically, Information Technology units 1 & 2, and Software Developments Units 3 & 4

Mathematics, including Mathematical methods and Specialist Mathematics up to and including year 12.

I will be able to help closely with the Monash University Unit FIT1047, which is based primarily around computer architecture and networking, so I can try to help with similar units or topics.

Specifically, I would be teaching MATLAB programming and engineering mathematics, based off Monash University units ENG1060, ENG1005 and ENG2005

I'll be able to help specifically with the Monash University unit STA1010, but I can try to help with similar units or topics.

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Simran (23 Jul 2020)
Kevin is a great tutor, he knows the content that I am learning quite well. He is patient, flexible and always willing to help