Tutoring Job Details (ID: 5486)

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  • Job ID:5486
  • Listing Date:27 January 2018
  • Subject:Japanese (Language)
  • Location:Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • Details:I’m looking for a Japanese tutor (VCE teaching experience optional), who is a native Japanese speaker who will be able to tutor me over this year (ideally an hour every week after school). I’m doing VCE Japanese this year, so I have a basic understanding of Japanese already. My school is in South Yarra, so ideally I’d like classes to be anywhere in the CBD around 4pm. I also don’t mind if classes are near the Upfield train line. Unfortunately, I’m unable to take classes on weekends as I have a part time job/volleyball training. I am also willing to pay around $20-$40 per lesson. Titi Nguyen
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