Tutoring Job Details (ID: 7138)

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  • Job ID:7138
  • Listing Date:14 March 2019
  • Subject:Graphic design (Hobbies & Skills)
  • Location:St Ives, NSW 2075
  • Details:Hi There, My name is Zoe and I am a student at UNSW art and design Paddington. Although a great school, they do not teach students how to use Adobe programs. I am looking for a tutor in Adobe suite especially in Illustrator. As I am still studying and in the midst of an unpaid internship at a digital marketing agency I am in need of a tutor more than ever to boost my creative skills and execute tasks to the best of my ability. I believe I learn best in a one on one environment but struggle to afford the average hourly rate. I would be happy to book in a few sessions if that helps. Thanks for you time. Zoe
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