Tutoring Job Details (ID: 7540)

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  • Job ID:7540
  • Listing Date:15 September 2020
  • Subject:Health Sciences (Tertiary)
  • Location:Mitcham, VIC 3132
  • Details:Hi there, I am a struggling first year Occupational Therapy student at Deakin University. I would love to employ a successful Occupational Therapy student to tutor me casually next year. It is mainly with my written expression and understanding of the assignment questions that I have problems with. Paraphrasing and referencing and integrating references smoothly, and grammar. I am just terrible! Formating of assignments so that they read smoothly and actually answer the question. If I could find a final year student or an honours student of OT to liaise with and go over my assignments with I would be so grateful. Just one session a week would be amazing.
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