Tutoring Job Details (ID: 8031)

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  • Job ID:8031
  • Listing Date:27 March 2024
  • Subject:Programming (Hobbies & Skills)
  • Location:Browns Plains, QLD 4118
  • Details:Hi, I need help with a project programming for a website. I am not familiar with SQL databases and am struggling to put it all together. The technologies we will be looking at are PHP, PDO, SQL, MariaDB, HTML; running on a web host with cPanel, nginx, PHP 8.2; and developed on MacOS Monterey, with Sublime Text. If anyone is interested in having a look at my code and guiding me through a few concepts I would be really greatful. This would only require a couple of sessions, preferably 2 hours for the first to have time to go through what I've already done. The sessions would preferably take place at my home. Online would be fine if the tutor has experience working remotely and we can arrange some kind of screen sharing or if they are confident in guiding me through via video call.
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